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Supervisor Safety Plan Written Safety Plan for OSHA Compliance

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Supervisor Safety Plan Written Safety Plan for OSHA Compliance

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A simple and easy OSHA compliance solution. Fulfill your OSHA mandated Supervisor Safety written requirement with our fast and easy written Supervisor Safety Plan! This written safety plan is simple to follow and easy to complete. Simply fill in your company specific information and print as many copies as you need.

This quality Written Supervisor Safety Plan will ensure your company is compliant for the mandated OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910. This written plan will reduce your risk of OSHA imposed citations by maintaining the proper and required written Supervisor Safety plan. This Supervisor Safety plan provides a complete written solution for your company.

Supervisor Safety Plan - OSHA Standard 29CFR1910:

Provides the user with the needed written plan for establishing the requirements for a supervisor safety program, components include; General requirements, safety meetings schedules, conducting safety meeting, new employee orientation, tips for conducting effective safety meetings, initial training, refresher training, and other data as required by U.S. OSHA regulations. Numerous editable safety forms included.


Supervisor training greatly reduces the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Supervisor training places the control of safety in the workplace at the most appropriate level. The focus of supervisor training at this company is to prevent future accidents and injuries in order to increase the safety and health of all our employees. Supervisor safety meetings assist in developing a sense of teamwork and unit cohesion. Safety meetings provide the opportunity for employees and supervisors to engage in reciprocal discussions on a variety of safety topics. Effective meetings promote cooperation and reinforce important safety and health operating philosophies and practices.

Editable safety forms included with program are:

•   Supervisor Safety Meetings for New and Existing Employees
•   Safety Meeting Schedule
•   Synopsis of Safety
•   Safety Meeting Attendance Roster
•   Safety Orientation Training List Pt. 1
•   Safety Orientation Training List Pt. 2
•   Over 20 Safety Documentation and Recordkeeping Forms