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Scaffolding - Safety Plans, Videos & Training

We recommend the following Scaffolding OSHA safety plans, videos, and training programs to help make your company compliant with the required OSHA Government standards in the workplace.

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Scaffolding Safety Training for OSHA and NIOSH Compliance

Supporting yourself and others by the use of scaffolding, requires that you prepare yourself for the responsibility of doing it safely. In the reporting year 2011 Scaffolding was the most cited OSHA standard following inspections of work sites.  You will need to start with a written plan Scaffolding Safety Plan - 29CFR1910.28 (safety requirement for scaffolding); 1910.29 (manually propelled mobile scaffolds):  This training spells out the type of scaffolding including suspended, and supported. It also discusses "Safe work Practices" and "fall protection".