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First Aid for Emergencies

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First Aid for Emergencies

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Be prepared to help in emergency situations. Use this computer-based training module to prepare yourself and your team to recognize the symptoms of and provide first aid in various life-threatening emergency situations. A broad range of common emergencies are discussed, including heart attack, cardiac arrest, shock, choking, stroke, blood loss, amputations, poisoning, seizures, drug overdose, diabetic emergencies, and loss of consciousness.

Topics Covered in This Course:

•   Cardiac emergencies including heart attack and cardiac arrest
•   Shock
•   Breathing emergencies, including choking
•   Stroke
•   Blood loss, amputations, protruding intestines, sucking chest wounds, and internal bleeding
•   Head, neck, spine, and back injuries
•   Seizures
•   Loss of consciousness
•   Poisoning
•   Drug overdose and abuse
•   Diabetic emergencies, including hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia

Based on:

•   OSHA 30 CFR Part 46.5.c.2

48 Minutes (30 min. video + 18 min. test)