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Safety Services

SafetyInstruction.com offers a wide range of on-site safety services to help your company's overall program. From hourly phone consultations, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, or even a monthly Safety Manager Program, we have the technical expertise to handle most any safety related training. Browse our services below.
Please inquire by calling 866-598-2128 or fill out our Safety Services Online Request Form.

Auditing Services
1. Complete Facility Safety Evaluations Followed-up with a Comprehensive Prioritized (with you) Report
2. Monthly Safety Walk-Throughs and Follow-Up Meetings with Your Safety Committee
3. Conduct Accident Investigations, Determine Root Causes, Recommend Corrective Actions
4. Statistical Evaluations Focused on Hazard Recognition and Economic Resolution
5. Deficiency Tracking and Development of Time-Tables for Prompt Resolution

Technical Services
1. Noise, Air Contaminant, Ventilation, Lighting, and Other Evaluations
2. Fire Extinguisher and Eye Wash/Deluge Shower Inspections and Documentation
3. Electrical Conductivity and Polarization Tests
4. Respirator Fit Testing (Quantitative or Qualitative)

Written Program Development
1. Tailored Procedures Approved by You & Developed With Input From Your Key Personnel
2. We Have Over 60 Time Saving Safety Forms Ready to Have Your Company Logo Added
3. Every Written Program is Saved on Disk and Provided To You In Your Word Processing Format
4. Follow-Up Meetings Will Be Conducted With Supervisors To Ensure Comprehension

Training Services
1. 200+ Customized Training Programs With Your Scheduling Needs Considered
2. Programmed Training Packages Designed for Baseline Training and Ease of Use
3. Integration of Organizational Policies and Procedures in Each Course
4. Recurrent Training Tracking and Training Conducted
5. Same Day Customized End-of -Course Certificates Provided

Temporary Safety Management Services
An abbreviation of our temporary services is listed below. We also provide conventional consulting services and would like the opportunity to quote any work you have available.

Safety Manager Program
SafetyInstruction.com Consulting Services can develop your safety program and function as your Safety Director as long as you need us, or we can assist you until a full-time safety employee is on the job. This program is called the “Safety Manager Program” and is itemized below. Long term affordable service options are available. We offer a cost effective alternative in safety consultation services.

Safety Advisor Program
SafetyInstruction.com Consulting Servicesīƒ’ can function as your Safety Advisor. If you have safety questions, need examples of how to accomplish certain safety functions or simply want to retain us for monthly meetings or safety walk-throughs. We’re there for you!

Popular Training Services Offered

    1. OSHA 10 and OSHA 30
    2. Emergency Response
    3. MSHA (Refresher and New Miner)
    4.Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
    5. First Aid CPR / AED (H S I Medic First Aid)
    6. First Aid CPR / AED Train the Trainer (H S I Medic First Aid)
    7. Fork lift and Boom/Aerial Lift (2 Certifications)
    8. GHS/HAZCOM Compliance (2013 industry requirements)

        a. HAZMAT/HAZCOM (8,16,24) HAZCOM includes the required GHS standards
        b. HAZWOPER Awareness, HAZWOPER First Responder, 24 Hours, Occasional site worker
        c. Incident and Accident Inspection
        d.HAZCOM / GHS 8 hour awareness

    9. Equipment Guarding
    10. Heavy Equipment Safety and Awareness
    11. Highway Heavy Construction Program
    12. Construction Site Defensive Driving & Safe Practices
    13. Rigging (Basic)
    14. Signaling (Basic)
    15. Equipment Safety and Operation
    16. Communication for Construction
    17. Confined Space
    18. Fall Protection
    19. Skid Steer & Loader
    20. Supervisory Training
    21. Crew Leadership Training