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Combustible Dust Safety Training PowerPoint Training Course for OSHA Compliance

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Combustible Dust Safety Training PowerPoint Training Course for OSHA Compliance

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This course is intended to provide site employees with an overview of the hazards associated with combustible dust generation in work operations and site processes. It provides the necessary framework to conduct combustible dust hazard training. Since every site must address their site-specific operational requirements, site instructors will provide the necessary information needed to address specific industry requirements. Their judgment will be used in adding site-specific information pertinent to site safety operations.

This PowerPoint® training course provides the user with the needed training requirements for safe handling of Combustible Dustes, general safety rules for specific types of gases, visual inspection of Combustible Dust cylinders, general company safety rules for use of Combustible Dust, Combustible Dust storage locations, facility/department evaluation and other OSHA and Combustible Dust association requirements.

Combustible Dust Defined:

Combustible dusts is fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air when certain conditions are present. A dust explosion can be catastrophic and cause deaths, injuries, and destruction of entire buildings. In many combustible dust accidents, employers and employees were unaware that a hazard even existed.

Program Discussion & Objectives Include the Following:

•   Introduce The Hazards Associated With Combustible Dust
•   Discuss The Applicable Safety Regulations
•   Discuss Where Combustible Dust Can Occur In The Workplace
•   Discuss The Mechanics Of Fire and Combustible Dust Explosions
•   Discuss Hazard Assessment Requirements
•   Discuss Hazard Recognition & Control Skills
•   Discuss Methods Of Compliance With Combustible Dust Safety
•   Discuss Engineering Controls Needed to Control Hazards
•   Discuss Actions To Take In An Emergency Situation
•   Provide Tips For Using Contractors on Site

This Combustible Dust Safety Training Program will ensure your employees are trained to OSHA standards:

•   29 CFR 1903.1

Safety Forms and Documents included:

•   Combustible Dust Safety Practices Plan
•   Completion of Training Certificate
•   Student Manual Cover
•   Course Test
•   Course Answer Sheet


This upgrade kit includes: Combustible Dust Safety Training PowerPoint Training Course and Combustible Dust Written Safety Plan for OSHA Compliance

This kit includes the training course, written plan, and over 20 recordkeeping and documentation forms. Why buy this kit? If an OSHA representative came to your facility investigating an accident, or for a routine inspection, one of the first items they would ask to see would be your written safety plan. That written plan would have to include required and predetermined items that are outlined by OSHA for compliance. These required items would include, but are not limited to, specific standards that OSHA is looking for in your actual training program. Additionally, they require record keeping be maintained in a standardized manner.


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