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OSHA Safety Plans Library - Includes 84 Editable Plans

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OSHA Safety Plans Library - Includes 84 Editable Plans

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Priced Separately, this collection of Written Safety Plans would cost more than $9,300.00. This complete library plan provides the user with 84 pre-written and ready to edit plans.(See list of safety topics included below) The library covers most of the OSHA safety spectrum ensuring your company is compliant in all aspects of your business.The Written Safety Plan is the documentation and record keeping part of any safety program. This is also the standard you should base your training program on.

Keep in mind, according to OSHA, if your safety plan isn't in written form your company is not compliant.

All of the safety plans are standardized, fully editable, and produced in MS Word® for Windows® and WordPerfect®. Safety forms pertinent to each plan are also included. All of the plans have the same "look" and "format" so developing a standardized written safety plan is a snap.

Written Plans In This Library Include:

•  Accident Investigation Safety Plan
•  Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Safety Plan
•  Americans With Disability ADA Safety Plan
•  Asbestos Safety Plan
•  Assured Equipment Grounding Safety Plan
•  Back Safety Plan
•  Behavior Based Safety Plan
•  Benzene Safety Plan
•  Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Plan
•  Bomb Threat Response Plan
•  Chemical Hygiene Plan
•  Chemical Labeling Safety Plan
•  Chromium VI Occupational Exposure Safety Plan
•  Combustible Dust Safety Plan
•  Compressed Gas Safety Plan
•  Contractor Safety Verification Plan
•  Crane Safety Plan
•  Crisis Management Safety Plan
•  Drug Free Workplace Policy Plan
•  Electrical Safety for Unqualified Employees Safety Plan
•  Electrical Safety Hazards Safety Plan
•  Evaluation of New Products, Procedures, and Equipment Plan
•  Eye / Face Protection Safety Plan
•  Eyewash Station Safety Plan
•  Facility Evacuation Safety Plan
•  Facility Physical Security Safety Plan
•  Facility Smoking Safety Plan
•  Fall Protection Safety Plan
•  Fire Extinguisher Safety Plan
•  Fire Prevention Safety Plan
•  First Aid Response Plan
•  Flammable and Combustible Liquids Safety Plan
•  Forklift Safety Plan
•  GHS Hazard Communication Plan
•  Hand and Power Tool Safety Plan
•  HAZWOPER Safety Plan
•  Hearing Conservation Safety Plan
•  Hot Work Safety Plan
•  Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Plan
•  Industrial Burn Safety Plan
•  Industrial Housekeeping Safety Plan
•  Laboratory Safety Plan
•  Laser Safety Plan
•  Lead Safety Plan
•  Light Duty Return To Work Plan
•  Loading Dock Safety Plan
•  Lock-Out Tag-Out Safety Plan
•  Machine Guarding Safety Plan
•  Mail Handling Safety and Security Plan
•  Marking Industrial Hazards Safety Plan
•  Media Relations Plan
•  Medical Services And First Aid Plan
•  Mold Remediation Safety Plan
•  Occupational Ergonomics Safety Plan
•  Occupational Exposure to Cadmium Plan
•  Office Safety Plan
•  Overall Company Safety Plan
•  Permit-Required Confined Space Plan
•  Portable Ladder Safety Plan
•  Power Press Safety Plan
•  PPE and Job Hazard Analysis Plan
•  Preparing for Workplace Emergencies Safety Plan
•  Process Safety Plan
•  Radiation Safety for X-Ray Units Plan
•  Record Keeping Plan
•  Respiratory Protection Safety Plan
•  Safety Committee Plan
•  Sand & Abrasive Blasting Safety Plan
•  Scaffolding Safety Plan
•  SDS Development Plan
•  Servicing Single and Multipiece Rim Wheels Plan
•  Sexual Harassment Safety Plan
•  Sling Safety Plan
•  Slips, Trips and Falls Safety Plan
•  Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan
•  Stairway and Ladder Safety Plan
•  Supervisor Safety Plan
•  Threat Management Safety Plan
•  Trenching and Excavations Safety Plan
•  Violence in the Workplace Safety Plan
•  Welding Safety Plan
•  Working in Cold Conditions Safety Plan
•  Working in Hot Conditions Safety Plan

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This upgrade kit includes: Complete OSHA Safety Training Program Library & The Complete OSHA Written Safety Plans Library

Order The Ultimate Plans and Training Package and receive our entire collection of 84 Written Safety Plans and 79 Power Point Training Programs. Save more than $15,000.00 over the price of purchasing each program and plan individually.

Almost all employers need a multitude of plans and programs. Some examples of the plans and programs needed by virtually every company are: Accident Investigation, Fire Prevention, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, Chemical Safety, MSDS, Drug Free Workplace, Sexual Harrassment, and Facility Evacuation. As you walk through your facility, look around and think about any and all potential accidents that could occur.

Accidents are more expensive than most people realize because of the hidden costs. Some costs are obvious - for example, Workers' Compensation claims which cover medical costs and indemnity payments for an injured or ill worker. These are the direct costs of accidents.

But what about the costs to train and compensate a replacement worker, repair damaged property, investigate the accident and implement corrective action, and to maintain insurance coverage? These are the indirect costs - costs that aren't so obvious. Proper safety training reduces the number of accidents and associated costs.


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