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Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (Norm) Training

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Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (Norm) Training

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A simple and easy OSHA compliance solution. Train your employees quickly and easily! Our simple to follow Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (Norm) Training Program will ensure your employees are trained to OSHA standard OSHA 29 CFR 1910.97, 1096, OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subparts. J,K,L,M,N,P, CC, 10 CFR Part 19 - 20 - 39.

The Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (Norm) Training presented in PowerPoint® will help your company reduce employee injuries, lower workers compensation premiums, and reduce overall risk of OSHA imposed citations.

This course provides an overview in the basic concepts and techniques Of radiation safety as it applies to naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM).
It is designed for employees who encounter NORM containing materials in the conduct Of work in the Oil and Gas industry (But useful in all industries).  Where You are unsure Of a particular course Of action, you should report the problem to your supervisor. NORM is subject primarily to individual state radiation control regulations.

What you will understand after this training session:

•   Key Site Radiation Safety Program Elements.
•   The Purpose of the NORM Program.
•   Regulations Applicable To The NORM Program.
•   Program Implementation Considerations for Supervisors.
•   Program Elements & Administration.
•   Origins & Where NORM Accumulates.
•   Overview Of NORM Hazards to Workers.
•   NORM Exposure Scenarios and Protective Means.
•   Provide Radiation Safety Skills for Personnel Who May Come Into Contact With Workplace NORM Hazards.

Topics to be covered during this training session:

•   About This Course.
•   Course Objectives.
•   Basis For This Course.
•   Course Attendees.
•   Purpose Of The Program.
•   Applicable Regulations.
•   Program Requirements.
•   Training Requirements.
•   Retraining Requirements.
•   NORM Defined.
•   NORM Management Cycle.
•   NORM Program Strategy.
•   NORM Implementation Strategy.
•   NORM Program Elements.
•   NORM Program Administration
•   NORM Oil And Gas Well Sources.
•   NORM Hazard Overview.
•   Properties - Radioactive Material.
•   Types Of Radiation.
•   Radiological Exposure Control.
•   Units Of Measurement.
•   Permissible Exposure Limits.
•   Personnel Protection.
•   Contamination Avoidance.
•   Emergency Assistance.
•   Accident Reporting.
•   Tips For Using Contractors.
•   Course Summary.
•   Elements Of A Successful Program.

Safety Forms and Documents included:

•   Completion of Training Certificate
•   Student Manual Cover
•   Course Test
•   Course Answer Sheet
•   Instructor Evaluation
•   Includes over 20 safety recordkeeping forms