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Gas Safety Training Library

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Gas Safety Training Library

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Because some gases are flammable, toxic or both and all are under pressure, they must be used, handled, and stored with extreme care. The OSHA Gas Safety Standards establish uniform requirements to ensure that the hazards of gases in U.S. workplaces are evaluated, safety procedures implemented, and that the proper hazard information is transmitted to all affected workers.

Program Discussion & Objectives Include the Following:

•  Introduction To The Toxicology Of The Specific Gas
•  Discussion Of The Gases Usage In Today's Industry
•  Discuss General Terms Used With The Specific Gas
•  Methods Of Compliance With The Gas
•  Routes Of Entry Into The Human Body
•  Medical Surveillance Requirements (Where Required)
•  Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
•  Hazard Recognition & Control Skills

Programs In This Library Include:

•  TGS-100 Introduction to Industrial Toxicology
•  GS-101 Acetylene Safety
•  GS-102 Ammonia Safety
•  GS-103 Argon Safety
•  GS-104 Asphalt Fumes Safety
•  GS-105 Butadiene (1,3) Safety
•  GS-106 Butane Safety
•  GS-107 Carbon Dioxide Safety
•  GS-108 Carbon Monoxide Safety
•  GS-109 Carbon Tetrachloride Safety
•  GS-110 Chlorine Safety
•  GS-111 Ethane Safety
•  GS-112 Ethylene Safety
•  GS-113 Fluorine Safety
•  GS-114 Hydrogen Cyanide Safety
•  GS-115 Helium Safety
•  GS-116 Hydrogen Safety
•  GS-117 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
•  GS-118 Isoflurane Safety
•  GS-119 Methane Safety
•  GS-120 Methylamine Safety
•  GS-121 Nitrogen Safety
•  GS-122 Nitrous Oxide Safety
•  GS-123 Oxygen Safety
•  GS-124 Propane Safety
•  GS-125 Sevoflurane Safety
•  GS-126 Sulfur Dioxide Safety

Product Features:

•  27 editable Power Point© gas safety training programs representing the most commonly used gases in industry. Meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements.
•  Professional Safety Forms and Documentation Records: Over 20 critical Safety Forms that are necessary for all aspects of your Safety Program Documentation and Record Keeping. Examples of forms included are: Training Acknowledgement, Attendance Roster, Policy Approval, and Record of Distribution, etc.
•  Detailed two page instruction guide. Includes editing instructions and helpful tips for creating and maintaining your training program.
•  All Safety Plans/forms on CD in protective case.


This program addresses International Occupational Safety Standards.


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