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Formaldehyde - Safety Plans, Videos & Training

We recommend the following OSHA safety plans, videos, and training programs to help make your company compliant with the required OSHA Government standards for Formaldehyde Safety in the workplace.

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About Formaldehyde Safety Training for OSHA and NIOSH Compliance

If I told you that Formaldehyde is a chemical that is toxic, known to cause cancer and a variety of other health problems would you use it? Yet it is routinely found in thousands of products including  glues, preservatives, antiseptics, resins, paints, film processing, You'll note that these are all common elements in the manufacture of some type of "widget".  Oh yes embalming, If it can be used to preserve you in Death what do you think it can do to you in life. Its especially dangerous to children who are exposed to it. These safety plans and safety videos take you through the awareness of "Formaledhyde" and how to avoid it.