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Fire Prevention - Safety Plans, Videos & Training

We recommend the following OSHA safety plans, videos, and training programs to help make your company compliant with the required OSHA Government standards for Fire Prevention Safety in the workplace.

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Fire Prevention Safety Training for OSHA and NIOSH Compliance

Fire prevention is perhaps one of the most talked about safety topics, and even has the month of October dedicated to its awareness and promotion. OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.36, 1910.38, 1910.157, 1910.165 covers the language of what OSHA Expects, and mandates that you have a fire prevention plan and proper training. Training includes; knowing evacuation procedures, use of fire extinguishers and the type appropriate for the 4 differnet types of fire. Most recently the "P K P" or Purple-K-Powder fire extinguisher, Evaluating hazards common to your personal or application specific needs. Fire Prevention is everybodys responsibility wherever you are; Schools, hospitals, Manufacturing, offices.