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Workplace Safety

  • Lack of Safety Leads to Death

    If you lose someone you love in an accident, how would you feel? Kay Catanzariti knows exactly how painful it is to lose a son because of neglect to workplace safety. The pain is unbearable, and it can take forever for the wound to heal. One thing is sure, though: the scars will be there throughout her life.

    At a very young age of 21, Ben was killed when he was hit by falling debris on a Kingston Foreshore construction site. And this tragedy has sent his mother to plead with employers to value the lives of their employees. Her plea is just one of the many pleas of the victims of unsafe working environments. All of the unacceptable number of deaths call for one course of action: safety needs to be improved and prioritized, and not just to be part of a bureaucratic process that gets lost in paperwork. Read more of the story here: Tragedy Stirs Mother’s Plea for Work Safety.

    Another sad incident is the recent explosion at a factory of fireworks in Sivaskasi. This accident has called the attention of authorities to finally realize that workplace safety is of paramount importance. So, let us not wait for someone to die again. Act now and make safety a priority.

  • Football League, Prioritizing Safety

    The referee lockout in the National Football League came as a shock to both players and fans. Is there a strike? NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith cleared the air by releasing a statement. Read the full statement here: NFLPA Cites ‘Workplace Safety’ in Statement to Players. The sports arena is not at all setting aside the safety of everyone on the field.

  • Work Safety, Going Back to the 70s?

    Public health must be every nation’s priority because it can have a great impact on the economy. However, it seems that the UK believes otherwise as its government has severely cut the budget allotment for workplace safety. The standards have gone way back to the 1970s! Read more: Work Safety Returns to the Seventies as Budgets Cut.

  • Work Safety Could Have Prevented the Death of a Son

    For parents, losing a son is a pain that will never ever be healed. And it’s even much more difficult if the death is caused by an accident, out of negligence. Barney and Kay Catanzariti lost their son, and his death should not have happened, if work safety had been a priority in the construction site he was working at. Read the full story by Noel Towell: Tragedy Stirs Mother’s Plea for Work Safety.

  • Safety Violation Penalties

    Safety programs should never be ignored. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor make sure that employers will face costly penalties if they commit safety violations. Recently, in the food industry, OSHA cited DeIorio Foods for alleged 14 violations. The company may face a fine of up to $54,900. Steve Hughes has a full story about this case in his article, “DeIorio Foods Facing almost $55,000 in Fines.”

  • The Cost of Safety Standards

    Keeping the workplace safe and conducive for labor is one of the top priorities and obligations of employers to their employees, in addition to fair compensation. Sadly, the fact remains that neglecting (or at least, providing inadequate) workplace safety measures is a lot cheaper and, not to mention, convenient, to employers than adhering to the set standards. This can only work alright for so long - until someone gets hurt or, in the worst case, dies.

    In fact, a lot of companies get sued every year due to workplace safety violations and casualties. The state laws together with the policies set by OSHA protect workers from such violations. Fines and sanctions are common punishments for safety violations, the most grave of which is probably getting the company shut down. How far would employers go, just to be able to save on their expenditure and increase their profit margin?

    Although it is far from becoming a trend, a number of companies and industries are turning employee-friendly, taking measures to provide the safest workplace possible. OSHA has been acknowledging such positive workplace attitude and safety measures, even handing out recognition and awards to deserving companies. More of these role models are needed in today’s society - employers owe it to their employees to give them the fairest of working conditions in exchange of their services. Learn more about the voluntary safety measures that have been put in place by these companies from Michelle Chen’s article, “When Safety Becomes Voluntary: Workplace Self-Policing Program Under Scrutiny.”

  • Voluntary Safety

    Often, we hear news about companies being sued because of various workplace safety violations. On a brighter note, there are some industries that are taking it upon themselves to be responsible and ethical - even partnering with government agencies to make sure that their employees are safe and protected at all times. In return, not only do these companies avoid legal issues, they also receive awards and recognition for the good work put in. Read more about this in Michelle Chen’s article for the Huffington Post.

  • Hands-On for Motor Safety

    Most doctors would just go and treat whatever medical problems their patients complain about, but Dr. Clayton Cowl took this one step further. As a Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine physician, he took it to himself to make sure that the employees under his care get the best attention. To this end, he started off by actually experiencing what it is like to ride and drive a trailer-tractor, which gave him a better understanding of the occupational hazards and stresses the employees go through. Read more on this from Sean Kilcarr’s post.

  • Barbaric Corporate Culture

    Manual labor has been one of the most common victims of occupational hazards over the years. For some reasons, some employers and companies find no problem in compromising the health and safety of their employees. Under the law and professional ethics, this should never be the case. All workers should be seen - and treated - as a company’s most valuable assets, worth more than any material possession.

    Unfortunately, a growing trend of corporate culture has been in the seams for a while now. Employers seem to be more interested in speeding up the work load of employees in order to make bigger profits for themselves. In the end, the ones getting the most benefit are those who sit in offices and merely overlook the operations in the workplace, while the manual laborers are exposed to a myriad of workplace hazards - improper or inadequate personal protective equipment, dangerous machinery, no first aid help available in the vicinity, and other circumstances which can cause different injuries, even illnesses (in the presence of certain harmful or toxic substances), and in the worst of cases, deaths. One case which embodies what we are trying to say here is Fred Hosier’s report on the 29-mendeathtollin 2011, where a mining company has been sued for a number of safety violations leading to the mass loss of lives.

    Majority of these mishaps can be easily and properly controlled - deaths and injuries can be considerably prevented from happening. All that there is to it really is to have the company adhere to the corresponding workplace safety and health guidelines for all workers as specified by the OSHA. Certain trainings and certifications may also be necessary, all depending on the kind of industry or the line of work involved. All employers must keep in mind that more than making money, they require the services of skilled workers - the very people who make all of their operations possible in the first place. It is only ethical and professional to give them the proper safety assurance and the right compensation for their work.

  • Proper Workplace Safety Acknowledged

    There are numerous sanctions and punishments for employers and companies who do not adhere to the standard safety precautions and guidelines set by the US government’s Department of Labor - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In a news release, OSHA has announced the awarding of training grants to 72 non-profit organizations. This is a positive move for the whole work force in maintaining safe and healthy labor environments. Read the full news release from the Department of Labor website.

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