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workplace preperation

  • Workplace Safety Training and Preparation

    Employers take on a number of responsibilities the moment they hire other people to work for, or with, them. Employees are expected to receive the appropriate financial compensation in return. Apart from this, employees are also bound by law (which varies in every country, state, or territory) and ethics to provide the necessary workplace safety measures. The legal implications and obligations of all employers are set by law. These can include fire training, medical training, and first aid preparation, among many others.

    In this training Arnold Anderson’s five elements that are key in covering with all employees are set out in The Top Five Things to Train Employees on in Safety. These are:

    -Procedures - ensuring they are well defined and practiced on a regular basis -Evacuation - the identification of every escape route and every individual within a building when the emergency services are called in -Identification - of issues that may cause harm to your employees in the workplace, down harassment and verbal abuse -Personal Responsibility - in understanding and being aware of all employees of safety issues and being proactive in dealing with them -Impact - making employees aware of the full impact of the financial burden and destabilizing results of safety issues that can possibly occur

    While the scope of safety instruction and training will be different depending on the setting of the work or industry, there are many general areas that must be covered. There are many training courses and specialists who offer these kind of services. Chris Robertson helps out employers and companies narrow down their choices with his article, How to Choose the Best Safety Training and Environmental Consultants.

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