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workplace dangers

  • U.S.: A Country of Violence?

    Has the United States become a very dangerous place to work? Mad gunmen went astray, killed innocent people, and made headlines for the whole world to see. It is high time for the government to take notice of our public gun laws. But, the government alone can’t stop violence. It needs the people to take part. Read more from Mary Bailey on “Workplace Homicides Up 50 Percent in 2012.”

  • On Hazardous Jobs

    We cannot deny that every job has its risks, sometimes even to our safety and health. Most commonly, the jobs in this category are those which are more physical in nature and those which involve the use of either heavy machinery or substances that can be considered dangerous.

    With this in mind, employers are required by law (and ethics) to provide their employees with protection from such risks. This protection can come in different forms. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a requirement for those who work in areas which can cause physical injury or harm (construction sites, landfills, etc.) to protect them. For health care providers, a similar concept is found in the use of standard precaution PPE - face masks, goggles, gloves, and gowns - to protect themselves from possible cross-contamination of different microorganisms which may be contacted either from the work environment or from the patients that they are handling. Aside from the proper attire and equipment, various forms of training and preparation can work to the advantage of both employer and employee - including first aid training and basic life support certifications, among others.

    Basically, all jobs have their own risks. This is why every job also entails employers and companies to comply with safety measures specific to their field of work. Whenever these safety measures are taken for granted, or worse, neglected entirely, one can only imagine what consequences can happen. Health and safety issues may be observed, and in the worst scenarios, employee deaths can occur. This has been the case for a worker of a certain company who has been serving his employers for a good 9 years. His story can be seen here.

    Aside from the obvious disadvantages toward the employees, the employers can also be fined, sued, or shut down depending on the gravity of the circumstances. A good example of this is the recent fine proposed against a hospital that has neglected a number of safety measures.

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