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workers compensation

  • Compensation Claims: The Win-Win Situation

    Compliance with the law on compensating employees in cases of untoward incidents must be strictly adhered to by employers. This is not just to protect the rights of the workers but also to preserve the credibility of the company.

    We are not to blame employers for accidents that are out of their control, but we have to make sure that injured workers receive financial help. The problem is, some employers are too busy with fulfilling managerial and operational roles that providing compensation is neglected. Fortunately, there are now companies out there who act as a third party. Meaning, they provide compensation to workers on behalf of employers.

    How does this third-party transaction help workers? Obviously, in cases of work related accidents, they can be assured of someone that will help them claim compensation. But, not all compensation claim companies are good. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you may be negotiating with a scam. The right company puts a worker’s best interest on top of other priorities, which in this case is making profit out of the service.

    On the other hand, employers can benefit from these third-party companies by having someone to handle the tedious legal processes. They also won’t have to go through evaluating worker’s medical bills, treatments needed, and other necessary documents and procedures. In short, compensation claim companies help employers save time and cost.

    Read more on “Claim ‘em! How Compensation Claims can Protect Employees – and Businesses” by Ivan Widjaya.

  • Worker's Compensation: Why Claim It

    Despite stringent safety policies, zero-risk is not at all attainable. When accidents happen beyond a workers’ responsibility and control, employers should extend a helping hand. This comes in the form of worker’s compensation. Ivan Widjaya explains how compensation claims help employees and employers. Check out the post in Business Week’s website.

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