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woodsplitter safety

  • Logsplitter Safety

    You can never be too complacent or be reminded too many times about safety regarding log splitting or chain saws. If you work for a public agency, work in the logging industry full time, or are a weekend warrior, you need to review the safety rules early and often. Last year in September we discussed chain saw safety, this year we would like to look at log splitting. logsplitter safety

    I would like to list a number of common sense rules, but there are others out here that do it so much more efficiently. The following list comes from “Troy Bilt” a made in the USA Company.

    Safety Rules for Log Splitting

    *Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine and in the operator's manual before attempting to assemble and operate.

    *Be familiar with all controls and proper operation. Know how to stop the machine and disengage it quickly.

    *Never allow children under 16 years old to operate this machine. Children, 16 years and over, should read and understand instructions and safety rules in this manual, and should be trained and supervised by a parent.

    *Many accidents occur when more than one person operates the machine. If a helper is assisting in loading logs, never activate the control until the helper is a minimum of 10 feet from the machine.

    *Keep bystanders, pets and children at least 20 feet from the machine while it is in operation.

    *Hydraulic log splitters develop high fluid pressures during operation. Fluid escaping through a pin hole opening can penetrate your skin and cause blood poisoning, gangrene, or death.

    *Keep the operator zone and adjacent area clear for safe, secure fitting.

    *This machine should be used for splitting wood only. Do not use it for any other purpose.

    *Always wear safety shoes or heavy boots.

    *Always wear safety glasses or safety goggles while operating this machine.

    *Never wear jewelry or loose clothing that might become entangled in the moving, or rotating, parts of the machine.

    *Make sure the machine is on a level surface before operating.

    *Always block machine to prevent unintended movement, and lock in either horizontal or vertical position.

    *Always operate this machine from the operator zone(s) specified in your operator's manual.

    *Logs should be cut with square ends prior to splitting.

    *Use log splitter in daylight or under artificial light.

    *To avoid personal injury, or property damage, use extreme care in handling gasoline.

    *Never leave the machine unattended with the engine running.

    *Always keep fingers away from any cracks that open in the log while splitting. They can quickly close and pinch, or amputate, your fingers.

    I would also like to add a couple of more thoughts regarding this topic. This type of work will challenge your body, and your equipment. Know your limitations, lift with your legs not your back, don’t overextend. Also know the limitations of your equipment. If you are working with a group remind them of the safety procedures we just presented, and make it a safe project for all.

    At SafetyInstruction.com, keeping you safe is our number one priority, whether it be at home or work. Using hand and power tools can be extremely efficient, but when used incorrectly can cause serious injuries. Make sure you read the operating guidelines and understand the proper safety techniques to avoid potential harm to you or others.

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