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  • Spring Safety Starts with the First Seed Catalog

    We’ve been focusing on everything winter, but in the next four weeks well OK maybe in the next four weeks we can take out our “Spring” jackets, or think about an Easter Bonnet. My wife sent the family a text message the other users manualday expressing “Hope” as I had received my seed catalog in the mail. Winter up here has not been kind, not all my perennials and shrubs are going to make it. I’m now interviewing for replacements and dog earring the pages in the catalog of those who might make the cut. Along with this of course I’m reminded that my garden tiller and other yard equipment are in my shed across what seems to be the frozen tundra. They’ll need some TLC before the season gets started. Now is the perfect time, not just to fix what’s broke, but to read the manuals, and brush up on safe operation as well.

    The Manual will usually start out by stating: DANGER: To reduce the potential for accidents, comply with the safety instructions in this manual, failure to comply may result in serious personal injury, and / or equipment and property damage.

    “Mantis” which is the type of tiller I own further states in their manual, and goes on to warn that: “Improper use or care of this tiller or failure to wear proper protection can result in serious injury. Read and understand the rules for safe operation and all instructions in this manual. – Wear hearing, and eye protection, and I might personally add, appropriate footwear. If the tiller is used improperly or safety precautions are not followed, the users risk serious injuries to themselves and others. Read and understand this manual before attempting to operate this tiller”.

    This sounds pretty straight forward and to the point. Yet I would guess (and it’s just a guess) that 75% of new equipment owners will not read this part of the manual. I realize that for the most part manufacturers are protecting themselves from lawsuits by those who would see fit to ignore common sense. And besides it’s a requirement. Here at Safetyinstruction.com we do care, and provide safety instructional material to accommodate safety plans and programs. While we’re thinking about it this is a pretty good time to also look at outdated pesticides, and weed killers you might be storing from last summer. Dispose of them in the proper manner. Check with your local landfill or municipality for “safe places” places to dispose of them. Safety as we know it is about common sense, but sometimes we all need reminders.

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