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  • Completing the Cycle

    It seems that there continues to be a lot of discussion about Safety everywhere, about the cost of safety and training, the providing of it, and government oversight. I am concerned that there is a lot of cheerleading, but not much play on the field. Does this remind you of the current state of our political system?

    You have to question yourself as safety coordinators and managers: Is this an exercise just to satisfy OSHA Government Regulations for compliance or for the betterment of humankind? If you are conducting training classes and doing all the paperwork, your work isn’t quite done. The T’s need to be crossed and the I’s dotted. If you’re conducting Lock Out, Tag Out and not visiting an application in the plant, is the cycle complete? If conducting Slips Trips, and Falls or Machine Guarding and not auditing and correcting deficiencies, is the cycle complete? Or is the cycle ever complete?

    Eventually the numbers will catch up to you. All you need to do is take a look at the citations issued for non-compliance. You’ll find them listed by district under OSHA News releases . A quick look reveals the results of incomplete or broken cycles. It’s almost overwhelming.

    As managers and Safety Advocates we must constantly evaluate the effectiveness of not just the program but of ourselves, are you in a rut? Remember the difference between a rut and a grave is about 3 feet. If we find that we are being crushed by the weight of the program, or the lack of one, then we need to find a way to involve more interactivity among the management, “safety starts at the top,” and employees. We all need to be held responsible for the safety of all at least within the confines of the space we work. safety committeeHow? Establish a safety committee. Train managers in safety auditing procedures. Ask for suggestions, or corrective actions for problem areas from employees, and please tell them not to worry about “Whistle Blowing” the law has them covered. We did discuss that in a previous blog. Lastly one very large part of all of this is to create incentive for individuals to maintain this safety environment.

    Like a computer we all need to re-boot occasionally, just make sure you’re wearing your safety footwear. Ok, so I might be the only one who sees the humor in that joke. Seriously take care of yourself as well. It’s important for not just your health but for the health of those who rely on you for their safety. It’s not just about compliance.

    If you have any questions about establishing a safety committee or safety auditing procedures, feel free to contact our safety experts at www.safetyinstruction.com

  • Safetyinstruction.com Announces New Auditing Service

    Now Available Complete "On Site" Safety Auditing, and Training

    Ben Janssen, President of Safetyinstruction.com, a Division of Nexstep Inc., has announced that they will now offer personal “On site” visits. These visits can offer: General site survey or complete safety audits including a comprehensive report, and action plan, developing a complete written safety program, training groups, including “Training the Trainer” or competent person.

    Janssen stated that they had offered this service on a limited basis in the past, but demand, along with a renewed emphasis on safety from the federal government has made the time right. Additionally, as companies get leaner, they are looking for ways to stay or become compliant in the face of changing hazards and more regulation. Of course all of this adds stress to an already tight budget. This is a solution which offers them some flexibility.

    Safetyinstruction.com is a longtime provider of OSHA compliant safety instructional materials, written plans, powerpoint presentations, videos, and “On Line training” including new GHS compliance, He said that this new service will help employers make it easier and more affordable to be safe.

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