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  • Asbestos and Mesothelioma

    Many work environments requiring manual labor expose employees to different kinds of occupational hazards. One of these is asbestos exposure, which can lead to a medical condition known as mesothelioma. Learn more about the disease from this forum thread posted by Amar Ryder, and find out how it is acquired and what measures can be taken in the workplace to prevent its occurrence.

  • Barbaric Corporate Culture

    Manual labor has been one of the most common victims of occupational hazards over the years. For some reasons, some employers and companies find no problem in compromising the health and safety of their employees. Under the law and professional ethics, this should never be the case. All workers should be seen - and treated - as a company’s most valuable assets, worth more than any material possession.

    Unfortunately, a growing trend of corporate culture has been in the seams for a while now. Employers seem to be more interested in speeding up the work load of employees in order to make bigger profits for themselves. In the end, the ones getting the most benefit are those who sit in offices and merely overlook the operations in the workplace, while the manual laborers are exposed to a myriad of workplace hazards - improper or inadequate personal protective equipment, dangerous machinery, no first aid help available in the vicinity, and other circumstances which can cause different injuries, even illnesses (in the presence of certain harmful or toxic substances), and in the worst of cases, deaths. One case which embodies what we are trying to say here is Fred Hosier’s report on the 29-mendeathtollin 2011, where a mining company has been sued for a number of safety violations leading to the mass loss of lives.

    Majority of these mishaps can be easily and properly controlled - deaths and injuries can be considerably prevented from happening. All that there is to it really is to have the company adhere to the corresponding workplace safety and health guidelines for all workers as specified by the OSHA. Certain trainings and certifications may also be necessary, all depending on the kind of industry or the line of work involved. All employers must keep in mind that more than making money, they require the services of skilled workers - the very people who make all of their operations possible in the first place. It is only ethical and professional to give them the proper safety assurance and the right compensation for their work.

  • In The Navy: Sailing Toxic Seas?

    The OSHA has recently found a number of safety violations in a rather surprising place - the Navy. A Coronado aircraft hangar has been found contaminated with toxic materials - lead, cadmium, and beryllium - putting an unbelievable 350 men at risk. Fortunately, there has been no reported illness or injury, although such cases should not have existed in the first place. Read the fullstory from Julie Watson, reporting for Bloomberg Business Week.

  • Filipino Cabin Crew Dances to Safety

    Cebu Pacific is one of the biggest airlines in the Philippines, flying daily all round the world. In one of the flights, a passenger had the chance to video record a rather unusual safety reminder from the cabin crew - through dance. Using hit songs and catchy tunes, the crew demonstrated how to adhere to the safety guidelines during the flight. Check out this YouTube video that definitely breaks out from the mold.

  • Proper Workplace Safety Acknowledged

    There are numerous sanctions and punishments for employers and companies who do not adhere to the standard safety precautions and guidelines set by the US government’s Department of Labor - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In a news release, OSHA has announced the awarding of training grants to 72 non-profit organizations. This is a positive move for the whole work force in maintaining safe and healthy labor environments. Read the full news release from the Department of Labor website.

  • Thumbs Down: Production Over Safety

    Being branded as a company that values how much money it can make more than the safety and wellness of its employees is not the best for any business. Sadly, this has been the verdict for a mining company where an incident - resulting to the loss of 29 lives - has been witnessed late last year. Although appropriate legal measures were followed, the fact that these types of avoidable deaths in the workplace keep on happening must tell us something. Read more on the incident, followed by a brief analysis of workplace hazards, as reported by Fred Hosier.

  • Construction Workers Dying Daily

    The number of worker deaths per day is a sad fact that we are facing these days. Construction sites are particularly dense zones for workplace fatalities. Jason Gooljar talks about such incidences and gives a rough measure of just how many men face this fatal tragedy. Who - or what - needs to be blamed? Read more from his web-post here.

  • Workplace Safety Training and Preparation

    Employers take on a number of responsibilities the moment they hire other people to work for, or with, them. Employees are expected to receive the appropriate financial compensation in return. Apart from this, employees are also bound by law (which varies in every country, state, or territory) and ethics to provide the necessary workplace safety measures. The legal implications and obligations of all employers are set by law. These can include fire training, medical training, and first aid preparation, among many others.

    In this training Arnold Anderson’s five elements that are key in covering with all employees are set out in The Top Five Things to Train Employees on in Safety. These are:

    -Procedures - ensuring they are well defined and practiced on a regular basis -Evacuation - the identification of every escape route and every individual within a building when the emergency services are called in -Identification - of issues that may cause harm to your employees in the workplace, down harassment and verbal abuse -Personal Responsibility - in understanding and being aware of all employees of safety issues and being proactive in dealing with them -Impact - making employees aware of the full impact of the financial burden and destabilizing results of safety issues that can possibly occur

    While the scope of safety instruction and training will be different depending on the setting of the work or industry, there are many general areas that must be covered. There are many training courses and specialists who offer these kind of services. Chris Robertson helps out employers and companies narrow down their choices with his article, How to Choose the Best Safety Training and Environmental Consultants.

  • The Top Five Things to Train Employees on in Safety

    Arnold Anderson explains that for a company to have a competent and efficient employees, they will need to be trained in five elements. These five things will train the workers or employees to work safely which leads to an overall harmony in the workspace in every aspect. Arnold Anderson explains that these five training procedures will most likely need or have some variation based on the department or nature of work of the employees. Anderson’s post on The Top Five Things to Train Employees on in Safety will be very helpful for companies who are just starting to grow.

  • Are You Getting a Good Return on Investment for Your Training Efforts?

    Sandy Smith wrote about the value of training programs in the ROI of companies. In the first part of of the post she wrote down three misconceptions about the calculation of ROI from training programs. In the second part of her post, Sandy wrote down some tips on how to properly assess and calculate if your company is really getting its worth from the training programs they spend their money on. This post answers the question “Are You Getting a Good Return on Investment for Your Training Efforts?” which companies, who spend for training programs, will find interesting.

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