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overall company safety plan

  • Safety Orientation : First Prom

    Safety Orientation; the dictionary defines orientation as “To guide one in adjusting to new surroundings, employment, activity, or the like. It’s further defined by “Merriam Webster” as: a person’s feelings, interests, and beliefs: a main interest, quality or goal: the process of giving people training and information about a new job, situation, etc.: further a state of being directed or having a direction. So the term “orientation” can be applied to a pretty broad spectrum. Don’t you just love the English language? It really lets your imagination take some pretty interesting angles or “orientation”.

    My grandson is about to embark on a rite of passage, his first prom. So dad and mom are guiding him in his new surroundings, giving him direction on what is expected; "Make sure you, and the car are clean, and the tank is full, running out of gas is not cool. Pick up your tux and make sure it fits. Identify the color of her dress so the proper corsage can be purchased (in safety we call that PPE). Pick up your date on time and be respectful of not just her but her parent’s wishes to get her home on time. Open the door for her. Allow time for pictures and remember it’s ok to say no to those things that will land you in trouble. Oh and one more thing – Have fun!"

    Of course in a family setting none of this will get you fired if not adhered to but could cause some repercussions if you’re not paying attention.

    In Industry “safety orientation” takes on a much higher profile in preparing one for the job to which you are hired, and truly can mean the difference in getting home alive or not getting home at all. The company you work for needs to have an overall company safety plan or policy which includes “New employee Safety Orientation” It will cover OSHA standard 29CFR1903. This plan needs to be available to the employee and is mandated by OSHA. I believe that every employer out there knows the workplace hazards that their employee will encounter if not on a daily basis, will at least come into contact at least occasionally. The employer, under General Industry standards general duty clause Pub. Law91-596 Section5(a)(1) “must furnish to his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees”. Yes additional training must be provided for hazard specific jobs, or conditions which will further protect you once you are on the payroll. So just like the prom you need to get there safely and know the rules once you get there. It starts with Safety Orientation!

  • "Overall Company Safety Plan" The Final Analysis

    This year has slipped by pretty quickly. I’m sure that in the final analysis we’ve all had some wins and some losses. I pray that you’ve had more in the wins column. This is the time of the year of course that you’ll want to make sure that your OSHA record keeping plan is up to date and compliant for the mandated OSHA standard 29CFR 1904. Additionally your OSHA Form 300a for 2013 is due for posting from February 1st to the end of April for all to see, like bearing the soul of the company. So if you are the person charged with this task it’s also a good time of the year to review your overall company safety plan.

    Your “Overall Company safety Plan” is a very important document. Not just for OSHA requirements, but it provides a road map for your company’s safety environment. If you haven’t already done so, then you should really familiarize yourself with “Process Safety”, or “Job Safety Analysis”. This is also a good time of the year to update your “Employee safety Handbook”. There are so many topics to consider when reviewing your “Overall Company Safety Plan” Have you considered “Emergency & Disaster Preparedness”, Crisis Management”, Defensive Driving”, “Personal Protective Equipment” including the use of safety footwear? Something not necessarily related to safety but should be recognized as a very important part of team building is “Preventing Discrimination In The Workplace” There are just so many topics to consider, if you don’t have a safety committee, perhaps you should take a look at creating one. This will enable you to get additional help in identifying hazards, and also sharing in the responsibility of creating a safe working environment, and identifying other potential topics.

    “Last One Out” No, don’t turn the lights out, but turn the lights on. Familiarize yourself with the many on line courses, safety videos, editable power point presentations, and written plans, available. They are all designed to give you, your employees and families a safer environment both at work, in the office and at home. In closing we would like to wish all of you a very Blessed Christmas and safe New Year. This will be made easier if you have an “Overall Company Safety Plan”.

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