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  • End of the Year Harassment Reminders

    What a difference a year makes. The last two years and even our latest blog we discussed snow blower safety and snow shoveling. So far this year the only winter equipment we needed are “water wings” and pumps. For you ladies out there I don’t mean high heeled party shoes. If the weather decides to get back to normal I’ll be able to skate to the office. If we do get snow, remember a cubic foot of wet snow can weigh 15 – 50 lbs. Snow on the end of a shovel is magnified exponentially as you and your shovel struggle to get it off of your sidewalk or driveway. Be patient, practice safe lifting procedures, don’t become a statistic, but waiting for spring however, might not be an option.christmas party

    This time of the year also ushers in the “company party season” and takes center stage, so can “harassment.” Here are a few reminders:

    *Be aware of your surroundings

    *Dress appropriately

    *Limit yourself, drink as if you are the designated driver. Alcohol can complicate your life, and those you love.

    *Keep your hands and wayward thoughts to yourself

    Any number of these issues can land you in front of HR on Monday Morning. If you are the boss, and abuse your position, you could also have issues as labor laws do protect whistle blowers, and take them seriously.

    As long as we are discussing these easier to spot conditions, here are a few that are a bit more nebulous in terms of harassment. It has been a challenging year in terms of religious freedoms, rights in general, separation, and political correctness or lack thereof. These are also topics best left in the HR office and not at the company party, and can be a basis for a charge of harassment. Harassment can ruin relationships and destroy company atmosphere and morale. These parties and get togethers are offered to improve morale, and to say thank you. Enjoy the time you have together and enjoy this time of the year!

    Here at Safetyinstruction.com we are pro family and want to wish all of you the very merriest of Christmases and Blessings for the New Year!

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