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MIchelle Chen

  • The Cost of Safety Standards

    Keeping the workplace safe and conducive for labor is one of the top priorities and obligations of employers to their employees, in addition to fair compensation. Sadly, the fact remains that neglecting (or at least, providing inadequate) workplace safety measures is a lot cheaper and, not to mention, convenient, to employers than adhering to the set standards. This can only work alright for so long - until someone gets hurt or, in the worst case, dies.

    In fact, a lot of companies get sued every year due to workplace safety violations and casualties. The state laws together with the policies set by OSHA protect workers from such violations. Fines and sanctions are common punishments for safety violations, the most grave of which is probably getting the company shut down. How far would employers go, just to be able to save on their expenditure and increase their profit margin?

    Although it is far from becoming a trend, a number of companies and industries are turning employee-friendly, taking measures to provide the safest workplace possible. OSHA has been acknowledging such positive workplace attitude and safety measures, even handing out recognition and awards to deserving companies. More of these role models are needed in today’s society - employers owe it to their employees to give them the fairest of working conditions in exchange of their services. Learn more about the voluntary safety measures that have been put in place by these companies from Michelle Chen’s article, “When Safety Becomes Voluntary: Workplace Self-Policing Program Under Scrutiny.”

  • Voluntary Safety

    Often, we hear news about companies being sued because of various workplace safety violations. On a brighter note, there are some industries that are taking it upon themselves to be responsible and ethical - even partnering with government agencies to make sure that their employees are safe and protected at all times. In return, not only do these companies avoid legal issues, they also receive awards and recognition for the good work put in. Read more about this in Michelle Chen’s article for the Huffington Post.

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