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Jim Emmons

  • Does Your Company Really Need Safety Training?

    There are some companies that do not know the value of proper safety training. Some companies believe that a simple note, reminder, or briefing is enough safety training for their employees.

    According to Charles R. Haines, training your staff and employees with a proper safety program will be beneficial for your company in the long run. While any kind of training will need investment and will not come cheap; nevertheless, it will be for the best interest of the company to have their employees trained. As Haines explains in his article, “Why Have a Safety Program?,” a trained employee will less likely encounter accidents, which can cause damage to property, to his fellow employees, and to the customers. Even a single accident incurred to a customer can lead to numerous problems like lawsuits. Another reason for having a training program is because it is an obligation of the employer to provide a safe workplace. Giving training, as Haines says, also boosts the morale of the employees as they know that their company is concerned about their welfare. Because of the higher morale, employees will function and work better.

    There are some places where safety training is a basic need for every employee or worker. As Jim Emmons explains in “Why Construction Safety is Important,” every construction company needs to give their workers a proper safety training. There is just too much risk in construction sites that can lead to mishaps if the workers are not trained properly.

    Failure to train the employees may lead to serious trouble for everyone. Steve Hughes writes about an example of what can happen to companies that do not have proper safety precautions in place. Delorio Foods was fined $55,000 because of the alleged unsafe working conditions of the workers in the factory. In the article, “DeIorio Foods facing almost $55,000 in fines,” numerous safety faults were mentioned, including blocking of the exit and absence of various safety checks for a food processing plant.

  • Why Construction Safety is Important

    Safety is a crucial factor that owners need to consider when undertaking a construction project. It ensures the protection of employee welfare, provides a safe working environment, and controls construction overhead costs. However, most of the time, owners tend to overlook the impact of safety on overall costs of the project. Jim Emmons article entitled “Why Construction Safety is Important” answers the following questions:

    - How can safety work for the construction owner? - How owners can work with contractors? - How a safety training program controls risks? - How to find for the best contractor with a great safety culture?

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