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independence day

  • Safety Doesn’t Take Off the Fourth of July

    This past weekend we celebrated the 1st birthday of one of our grandchildren, but in addition we were treated to a wonderful parade and fireworks in Thiensville WI. It was completely “Americana.” The parade was complete with the American Legion color Guard, clowns, local, and high school marching bands, a band from Great Lakes Naval Academy, bag pipers, old cars, politicians, fire trucks and cotton candy vendors. Fireworks completed the day as we sat on a hillside overlooking the river and park where they were celebrating their annual pre Fourth of July civic celebration. I felt like I was in a story from mythical “Lake Wobegon” as told by Garrison Keillor.

    I would like to take this opportunity along with the team at www.SafetyInstruction.com to fourth of julyacknowledge and thank those brave souls who sought to find freedom on a new continent, a new land. It’s difficult enough to make a decision to move and buy a new house, but think about moving your family to an entirely new land. This country was not only dangerous, but getting there was even more treacherous, and life threatening. The only thing it promised was a new start. They all came for different reasons. Many came for religious freedom, some for farmland, some just for adventure, and gold. By 1770 more than 2 million people lived and worked in this great new land, but political oppression followed them here as well. On July fourth in the summer of 1776 thirteen colonies which were established had just about enough, and declared their independence from England. They declared their independence fought for and earned it. We celebrate their resolve, the Declaration of Independence” and their world changing decision. A great nation was born, and we are a part of what it has to offer; -- Opportunity – Yes there continues to be struggles and some political challenges but where else can you do what you do. Work and live where you want. Practice your religion, have open debate, and guaranteed rights, as outlined by our preamble and constitution. Today we live in a mostly free and safe environment; it is our responsibility to protect not only this land but also the constitution which continues to serve all interests in its simplest form.

    One more item of discussion before you enjoy your holiday. Keep it safe. If you have fireworks, use them properly and within the limits of local ordinances, if you’re grilling out be prepared with your fire extinguisher, Drive carefully to and from home there will be a lot of traffic out there. Make sure your first aid kit is up to date and well stocked, as well as sunscreen, and insect repellant. Now get out your flag and display it where everybody can be proud.

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