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fire prevention

  • Fire Prevention Plan is for Everybody

    October is fire prevention month. This happens every October in commemoration of the “Great Chicago Fire” in 1871. Do you remember your school days when the local Fire Department visited? If you were lucky you got to sit in the fire truck and ring the bell. The Firemen reminded us, “Don’t play with matches” and talked about what to do in case of fire at home or at school. They gave us a red plastic fireman helmet and sent us home with something to color and a message for Mom and Dad. This past weekend I took my grandson to our local Pumpkin Fest, and he was treated to the same, you bet we took some pictures.

    fire prevention Well, we’re all a little older now, but the message is still the same all be it more detailed, and critical in nature due to our responsibilities as adults, Parents, employees, employers, and educators in safeguarding both life and property from fire. Here at safetyinstruction.com we take fire prevention and education seriously. In a report Dated April of 2012 by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) from 2006 to 2010, 42,800 mfg. fires were reported with a loss of 22 lives, and almost 1 Billion dollars in direct property damage. These are real numbers so we’ve put together a checklist for you for a fire prevention plan. There is no need to color it. Please look at it and use it. Morally, and legally it’s the right thing to do.

    1. Do you have an OSHA compliant Fire Prevention written safety plan? OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.36, 1910.38, 1910.157, 1910.165
    2. Do you have an emergency evacuation plan? See OSHA regulation 1926.34
    3. Are Plant visitors, or outside contractors given orientation?
    4. What are employee responsibilities?
    5. What are my responsibilities for training?
    6. Are your employees trained in proper usage of fire extinguishers?
    7. When was the last time your fire extinguishers were inspected, are they compliant?
    8. Can we identify the different types of fire, and how to extinguish?
    9. Make a visual hazard assessment of potential sources of fire, identify, and document them
    10. Are Combustibles labeled and stored properly? Also consider combustible dust
    11. Are your smoke alarms and system up to date including new batteries if needed?
    12. Do you have the proper Protective equipment PPE for your employees including respiratory equipment and are employees trained in proper usage?
    13. Are you and your employees trained in First Aid?
    14. Has your sprinkler system been inspected recently?
    15. Who do you call in case of fire, is this posted in your plant office etc.?

    Share this list with your employees, and encourage them to do the same at home. In 2010 over 2600 (ref: NFPA) people were killed in home fires!!

    Now do yourself a favor. Do you have a smoke alarm at home? Have a little “Fire Drill” at home. After the kids and your “significant other” are sleeping, and conditions are otherwise normal in your home or apartment. Trip the alarm on your smoke alarm, and watch for reaction. How long does it take for the first one to hear it or do they hear it at all? I think you’ll find the results alarming (no pun intended). You might need to change things up. Please also have a plan: where are you going to meet outside in case of fire, and how are they going to get out there? Also consider a fire extinguisher party, it will be both fun and educational for you, and your family. Please share your results with us.

    If you have any questions always feel free to call us here at Safetyinstruction.com or e-mail us info@safetyinstruction.com Fire prevention is for everybody!

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