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conflict management

  • Angry at Management or Anger Management

    As a young boy I quickly discovered that I was considerably smaller that most of my friends. So I learned to compensate to make up the difference. I could run pretty fast, and I was good at catching a ball. I developed a pretty keen sense of competition, both on a field, and in a classroom. The other thing I learned to develop was a vocabulary used for both good and not so good, that’s where my speed paid dividends. In those days you didn’t get a ribbon for participating, you either won or you lost. Honestly I was a terrible loser, and my vocabulary got me in trouble where I either backed myself into a corner or someone else. If they were anger managementbigger than me, and usually they were, it didn’t turn out so well. Those habits don’t go away real easy and as an adult I was gently reminded that I needed to address the issue more than once. I needed to get an understanding of anger, how it works and what causes it. So “Anger Management” here I come.

    I did find out that I wasn’t the only one, but that was of little consolation. Did you know that one out of six violent crimes happens in the workplace? Did you know that the number one killer of women in the workplace is violence? How many times has someone told you to relax or calm down? Did you listen or did it just send you to the next level? There are several types of people who should consider some type of relaxation response training or awareness. Ask yourself these questions: Do I have Coronary problems? Do I frequently get angry? Am I frequently tense and irritable? Do I experience a lot of aggravation? Am I impatient? Do I have a stressful job? Do I want to live longer and healthier? Do I want to be a top performer? A positive answer to any of these questions should tell you that you need to be able to learn to relax, and recognize the triggers that cause an anger response, and then take a breath. This is all easier said than done, and there is a lot more to be learned, anger is like an addiction, it’s not an easy journey. This is important for both you and your family, not to mention your co-workers. Many places of employment today have a Zero Tolerance Policy toward anger and violence. Your employer just can’t take a chance.

    There are occasions when a display of anger is necessary and justifiable. It gives validation to our humanness, as long as it is controllable and makes a point. In our workplace today, a manager needs to be able to identify those who are at risk, and to be able to deal with the “What If” as well as be a referee on occasion. This can also be referred to as “Conflict Management" . This topic is much deeper than this blog. Anger and violence in the workplace is very real and deserves all the attention it gets. Anger Management will earn you better relationships, greater productivity, and a healthier life.

  • On Line Business Courses, More than Just Safety Instruction

    Business today requires that you wear more than just one hat or hardhat, and that you have more than just a hammer in your toolbox. Today if you’re the Safety person, you could also be HR, Finance, or a Department Supervisor. You could also be the company referee handling conflict management. Our course description says that “recent research has shown that conflict can have positive effects on an organization if managed effectively”. Titles are impressive but don’t really mean much without the tools to succeed, back it up or support you. I believe that your employer realizes that you can’t do everything, or that an employer realizes that he can’t do everything. Training is the key and one must be realistic in terms of the time it takes. Taking only an hour or two each our online business courses could be just what the doctor ordered.

    Have you ever been in a meeting that just seemed to drone on and on. Perhaps a “Meeting effectiveness” course could be suggested.

    OK so the boss wants you to write a report, and you have that, “deer in the headlights”, look. Check out “Business writing Reports and Proposals”. You could be on your way to a raise, or at the very least, job security.

    Communicating Basics has always been a key issue, and catch phrase, in everybody’s business. This also holds true even at home with the boss, whoever that might be. Here’s more: Communicating as a Team, Communicating Non Verbally, Persuasively, Proactively, Reactively. More recently I think that you will find that people have become more sensitive to cultural and ethnic surroundings so “Intercultural Etiquette” and “Cultural Communication” has loomed large, on the political landscape, work environments, college campuses, just about every place you turn. Everyone reading this blog knows someone who could benefit from participating in one or more of these courses. The time commitment is minimal compared to the reward. The cost is even more disproportionate compared to the amount of the return on your investment.

    Short courses such as these can hold your interest, and are very interactive so you won’t be bored to tears. You can learn more about Customer support, and service, delegating, or heaven forbid “Discharging an Employee”. The additional personal benefit is; you will have more confidence in yourself and your ability to take on new challenges. You’ll have a new bounce to your step .This type of confidence, and positive attitude is indeed contagious among your peers, and in your family. So please take a serious look at where you are and where you would like to be. You are the only person holding you back. Safetyinstruction.com is offering these On Line Business Courses for not just the betterment of your workplace, but for your Family as well.

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