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  • Worker's Compensation: Why Claim It

    Despite stringent safety policies, zero-risk is not at all attainable. When accidents happen beyond a workers’ responsibility and control, employers should extend a helping hand. This comes in the form of worker’s compensation. Ivan Widjaya explains how compensation claims help employees and employers. Check out the post in Business Week’s website.

  • Why is Safety in the Workplace so Important?

    Recent information has shown that casualties in the workplace were up in 2011, while they dropped in construction, there were more deaths in transportation and other services than in earlier years. That brings up the question, why is safety in the workplace such a big deal?

    It is important for employees to have a place to work that is safe and free from dangers that can hurt them while they are trying to work. However, everyone in the workplace has to pull together to achieve a 0% when it comes to accidents. OSHA and the presidency are working together to ensure that every employer works towards the goal of zero accidents on the job.

    One problem seems to be that employers, as well as workers, aren’t taking workplace safety seriously. It’s the common assumption that all of us have, “it can’t happen to me, I know what I’m doing.” Then the phone rings and you realize it has happened to a loved one, or you are in an accident at work that ends with you in a wheelchair or seriously injured.

    Once an accident happens, it can’t be taken back; so it’s better to work to prevent the accident from happening in the first place. The video “Before Days End,” gives us a harsh inside look at exactly what being careless in the workplace can do to you, and the loved ones that you may leave behind.

    Safety in the workplace is not only a responsibility that you have to your employer, and your employer to you, it’s a responsibility that every worker has to the families that they are working to support. One slip, one careless step, or being distracted just for a moment, can destroy the very reason you are working in the first place.

  • Violence: A Threat to Safety

    Just because you’re not worrying every minute about falling debris or about being buried alive inside a mining site does not mean you are safe from all physical risks. Accidents are not just caused by workplace safety risks! According to Department of Labor statistics, intentional violence can be just as scary. Sue Reisinger covered the full story: Dept of Labor Data Shows 1 in 5 Workplace Deaths Due to Violence.

  • Safety and What You Have to Do With It

    Many employees rely on their employer to keep their business safe. But, as Carl Potter explains in ‘Top Three Myths about Workplace Safety’, no workplace can be completely safe. Accidents are always prone to happen, and you have to be responsible for your own safety. What are some ways you can do that?

    First of all, know what your employer is supposed to do so that you can make sure it’s being done. There are many laws that apply to the safety of your workplace, so make sure that your employer is following them. If your employer is being negligent, it might be a good idea to (as respectfully as possible) ask him or her some questions about what procedures he or she has in place. If your employer doesn’t have a response, give him or her time to set up those safety protocols. If your employer isn’t cooperating, well, it might be time to start looking for a new job.

    If your employer is doing an okay job at keeping his or her side of the bargain, then you need to pitch in for safety as well. Make sure you complete required safety training - preferably before you take a job, but it’s never too late! - complete checklists for safety purposes, and follow all the protocols that your employer has put in for the safety of the business. According to ‘The Importance of Workplace Safety’ by Audra Bianca, almost seventy percent of all illnesses/injuries were non-fatal injuries occurring in service-providing industries. Know your facts, and know your safety! In a safe workplace, everyone’s happy, and it’s a lot easier to get work down with your mind at ease about safety issues. Communication is also easier in a safe environment. Enjoy your workplace by keeping it safe!

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