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Get the Lead Out: Lead Safety!

So how long do we need to do this dance? Lead is dangerous and can cause long term damage to the central nervous system. Still there are those who would ignore the warning and place their workers at risk. On December 3rd 2014 OSHA fined yet another company for exposing their workers to dangerous levels of lead based paints.lead safety

The industry and OSHA has been warning us of the health hazards of lead based paints and materials for better than 40 years. As an employer you need to make your employees aware of the hazards of lead. There are several ways to do this including “on Line training” It’s quick and simple. Choose an on line course that is interactive, engages and challenges your employees. When successfully completed it should offer a training certificate. Of course there are videos as well as power points on lead safety for classroom presentation.

So you see there is really no excuse not to make your employees aware and knowledgeable.. That is the 1st half of the equation the second half is actually putting into practice and enforcing what they’ve learned. Compliance is not that difficult. Noncompliance can be deadly and expensive.

There are ways of dealing with the remediation of lead in paint. Encapsulation is one way to get the job done. Dumond chemicals offers such a product in their “Lead Stop” encapsulating compound It’s nontoxic, non-Carcinogenic, nonflammable, and low in VOCs. They also offer a paint stripper made for the removal of Lead based paints as well. There are other products, and manufacturers out there, and a quick search will point you to the right product for your application. If you are a home buyer purchasing an older home please have your realtor, or home inspector test the property for lead. While they’re looking also have them test for mold and asbestos, two more health hazards that fly under the radar. If you need to hire a contractor for remediation, and disposal, check their credentials, and make sure they are disposing the hazardous waste properly. That’s another whole discussion. The contractor should be able to produce cradle to grave documentation for your protection.

Please take this information seriously, it’s not just about your safety and knowledge tucked away safely in your mind. It’s about the safety of everybody including children and pets. It’s also about being good stewards of the environment, of which we are so richly blessed.

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