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Will There Be Power Tools Underneath the Tree This Christmas?

Ahh “Christmas,” the season of gift giving is once again upon us. Of course we still need to celebrate Thanksgiving, which unfortunately is now only a speed bump in the calendar and here in Wisconsin the gun deer hunting season which approaches holiday status. My house this time of the year begins with a thorough cleaning top to bottom, and Christmas lists start to emerge. When my family was younger we had trains, slot cars, BB guns, stretch monsters, and dirt bikes. Our daughter, the youngest of the crew learned how to play with the boys toys. She also had a remote control Barbie car which she would run into the wall on occasion. She’s a better driver today. Now our grandchildren do the same. Most of the boy’s things never made it that far. As they got older, the living room looked more like a sporting goods store including: shot guns, bows and arrows, ice fishing gear, and insulated boots. Also included in the mix were some tools. My wife asked if Santa thought they were old enough for tools. I thought this way my tools might stop disappearing.

Buying tools for gifting any time of the year requires that you consider the age of the person forparent helping child with power tools which it is intended. Ask yourself “is this age appropriate?” Even further is this tool going to a house without a competent person to train the young mechanic or budding carpenter how to use it safely and properly?

As a safety advocate, I’ve found that individual safety training can be accomplished “on line” quickly and inexpensively. "On Line” training when properly designed to be interactive can be a very effective learning tool. Additionally it can be taken anywhere, anytime you have internet access. Hand and power tool safety is a great topic and can be covered in an hour or so.

All of us here at Safetyinstruction.com would like to take this time to wish all of you a very Happy, and Safe “ speed bump” sorry, I mean Thanksgiving. While you’re decorating for the Christmas season also keep in mind electrical hazards, and fire prevention, along with fire extinguisher training, and don’t forget that PPE for the cold weather.

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