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It's That Time of the Year: Refresher Training

Yesterday I checked my calendar only to discover that summer is rapidly coming to a close and school doors will be open again in three short weeks. Parents will again be sending the kids back to the classroom for more training and retraining, as I’m sure some of what they learned was left on the sandlot. Later my wife and I were out to dinner and during the course of ordering our waitress announced our choice of potatoes. I opted for the “Twice Baked”. Well of course I had to ask if they weren’t baked right the first time. I thought my wife was going to get up and leave, she told the bemused waitress not to pay attention to me. I ordered the “American Fries.”

Safety training is much the same. Of course the training is done once but additional trainingtraining is important and retraining reinforces the previous training. Just like the twice baked potatoes the potato was good before but now it’s mashed we add a little chive and cheese and its even better. You send the kids to school for the same reason. “Back to School time” is a good reminder for all of us in safety to take a look at our training programs and retraining where necessary and required by OSHA standards. To keep your training current, review your past training log as well as updating or auditing your hazard assessment. If you have an LMS (Learning Management System) reviewing your training log should be simple and automatic.

OSHA does require retraining in some areas for example if Asbestos is a part of your hazard assessment then annual retraining is required, Fork lift training is every three years unless the application or equipment has changed or the operator has had a problem then retraining is required. BBP Blood Borne Pathogens, is an annual requirement, Fire Extinguishers, Hearing Protection, LOTO when there is a change, Confined Space Entry, Respirators, are all annual trainings. Hazcom is another one if a new hazard is introduced. This is also a good time of the year to think about adding new topics and take a look at your 2015 budget process.

I didn’t say put the boat away or cover up the grill yet or not plan a weekend outing in the mountains. Enjoy the rest of summer, do a little fishing or plan a picnic, and if you’ve never had twice baked potatoes give them a try.

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