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What Were they Thinking? Repeat Safety Violations

An OSHA inspection and audit can be a daunting, anxiety laden experience. Should it be? Not really, Employers should be working with managers and employees to Identify and eliminate hazards within the confines of their business at the outset.

I believe that every employer has a basic knowledge of the hazards in their respective industries. Whether its construction, manufacturing, food service, laboratory, municipal, utilities, farming, they are all aware of the potential hazards. It can be, Confined space entry, Combustible dust, electrical, fall protection, asbestos or lead safety awareness, machine guarding, lab safety, Personal protective equipment, as simple as hearing protection, the list is almost endless. To ignore them is just plain negligent. To ignore them after an OSHA inspection can be very expensive and perhaps even criminal.

So what were they thinking? A REPEAT VIOLATION? Most recently a company in Concord NH was handed citations for “Willfull, Repeat, and Serious violations, of workplace standards”. Really? The proposed penalties for that is $143.000, The proposed fine in total for the other violations? $221,100.00. The sad part? This is not an isolated incident. If you visit OSHA’s website you will find their news releases outlining the infractions and related penalties.

So how can all of this be avoided? There are several solutions:

*Set up your own Safety committee, your employees are your most valuable asset. *Review your written safety policies and plans *Train your supervisors in Job Hazard analysis” *Do a site safety audit to identify potential hazards, and develop an action plan *Hire a safety consultant on a retainer if you can’t afford a full time trainer. This consultant can help you with your written plans, audit your facility, train the trainers, and employees, and outline an action plan. for far less than the cost of an OSHA citation

Follow these simple steps and you are on your way to reducing your overall exposure to OSHA citations, creating and fostering good employer/ employee relations, and raising overall safety awareness.

If you are interested in any of the safety services mentioned above visit www.safetyinstruction.com

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