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How to Make Safety Training Interesting

If a business meeting isn’t about wage increase, incentive programs, or how one can increase his basic pay rate, a minutes feels like an hour. If your employees keep drooling in their sleep while you discuss about safety policies, you badly need to spice up the training.

When it comes to safety, it is very important to get the message across. Your employees may not realize it yet, but safety measures can greatly affect the company’s bottom line. There are only two things to focus on: content and presentation.

Here are the two questions that will determine whether or not your content is worth the attention of your audience:

- Is it relevant? You don’t discuss equipment safety if you’re running a professional office, say a customer support company. Instead, you focus on workplace ergonomics, such as proper sitting.

- Is it up to date? Not only are you losing the interest of your employees to hear all about the training, but you’re also running the risk of putting them into danger. Safety programs are evolving, yours should be as well.

With regards to presentation, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: interaction. And the best way to maintain the enthusiasm of employees to interact is through games.

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