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The Fined, the Injured and the Dead

Workplace safety measures are put into place to protect the employer and the employee. Millions of people are affected each day by simple violations. Agencies such as the OSHA have their hands full with the number of infractions that are taking place, all of which are causing costly, if not fatal, consequences.

According to an article concerning Marquette County, small violations can add up quickly. This county received over 60 infractions between their courthouse and waste water treatment plant alone. After a 60% reduction in fines, the overall cost was $15,000, a hit that just about everyone is going to feel. This is small amount compared to what a Excel, a packing plant, is going to have to pay after 43% of their accidents went unreported. Companies are shelling out major money for negligence of safety standards.

It is important to remember that it is not just the monetary cost that makes an impact for violating company safety regulations. Hundreds of people are being injured or killed as a result of workplace safety violations. In Alberta, Five are Dead as a Result of Work Related Accidents this week alone. The impact of these fatalities is affecting families, friends and coworkers of all those who fall victim to safety negligence.

There are a number of consequences that are a result of not applying safety regulations regularly. All it takes is one minor violation to result in an injury for a costly undertaking to occur. Many organizations and private businesses are taking a step up in their safety measures in order to protect their employees and enterprises alike.

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