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Alcohol/Drugs - Safety Plans, Videos & Training

We recommend the following OSHA safety plans, videos, and training programs to help make your company compliant with the required OSHA Government standards for dealing with Alcohol and Drugs in the workplace.

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About Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Workplace Training for OSHA and NIOSH Compliance

We have all been aware of alcohol abuse for years, and it is a danger to all of us in the workplace, but drug use and abuse has been the hot topic. More states are approving the purchase and use of Marijuana for recreational use. Its more important now than ever before to educate and train your employees of the dangers surrounding the use, and abuse of drugs. Make sure you are covered by a complete OSHA written plan and be ready to train not just your new employees but keep all of your employees up to date on your current Drug, and Alcohol standards, and expectations. A Scary statistic is that 75% of illicit drug users are employed.  How many are working for you? No employer should have to call a widow.

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