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Agriculture - Safety Plans, Videos & Training

Agriculture is one the most dangerous work environments. Many workers die from agricultural work-related accidents each year. Safety Instruction offers the safety plans and training you need to stay safe and OSHA compliant.

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About Agriculture Safety Training for OSHA and NIOSH Standards

No doubt there are a lot of dangerous jobs out there, but working in agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Hundreds of workers each year die from such accidents as tractor overturns which accounts for approximately 90 deaths a year. Without agriculture safety training this number would be much higher. Equipment safety, respiratory safety, and working in hot conditions are huge concerns, and sometimes safety training takes a back seat to chores. Another large concern in this industry is the lack of communication due to migrant workers speaking Spanish. Recent estimates show that nearly half of all farm workers in the United States are Hispanic. Most of our safety videos are available in both English and Spanish. OSHA mandates that employers conduct training in the language the employee understands. Spanish safety videos allow you to break the language barrier when dealing with safety. Additionally SafetyInstruction.com has Spanish speaking bi-lingual writers and trainers on staff to help with translation.

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