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Why Buy From SafetyInstruction.com?

Trust is an important quality when relying on a vendor to provide you with an OSHA compliant program. You should develop a relationship with a company that has many years of practical field experience as well as the technical expertise to insure your products are compliant.

Real People With Real Names

Real people with real names will answer our phones ready to help you with your questions or compliance needs. We’re here from 7:30 am to 5pm CST M - F. If you need further consultation you will be directed to one of our experienced team.

Over 40 Years Experience!

Our writers have been designing OSHA compliant safety software and programs since 1972. Our technical writing team is led by the legendary Mr. Rory Rogan who has pioneered many of safety programs currently on the market. Mr. Rogan and the technical team have authored over 140 training programs relating to safety and emergency management. Conducted hundreds of  safety training seminars and taught thousands of students during his 42 year career. He has developed corporate safety programs for nearly the entire spectrum of OSHA compliance. He is the author of the books titled: “Safety in Facility Planning and Design" and "The School Administrators Guide to Crisis Management". Additionally our team of trainers and technical writers has consulted and implemented safety programs in hundreds of America's top companies, including the US government. .

We will be happy to provide further credentials of our individual trainers and writers upon request

SAM registration number is provided for U.S. government procurement.

At Safetyinstruction.com we search for and provide the most recent and relevant videos in English and Spanish. We also provide “On Line Training” including a powerful LMS “Learning Management System” to train and track your employees for OSHA compliance.  Not English speaking? We also provide a Spanish “on line“ system for you as well.

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We use our blog as more of a journal for you to get a sense of how we feel about safety at home and work. It gives you a chance to get to know more about our daily lives here at SafetyInstruction.com and how we relate what we offer to the industry. I hope you enjoy!